Certamen Linguae Latinae – Rome, 2-4 April 2020

Con grande rammarico, comunichiamo che, di concerto con tutti gli enti promotori e collaboratori, al fine di collaborare alla tutela della salute pubblica e per garantire la sicurezza dei giovani partecipanti, abbiamo stabilito la SOSPENSIONE del Certamen, che sarà rinviato a data da destinarsi.

In April 2020, the IISC organizes the Certamen Linguae Latinae, a national competition dedicated to students of the last two years of high school. The test is scheduled for 9 am on Friday 3 April. The race will take place in at Liceo Giulio Cesare in Rome, which promotes the event. In addition, other promoters are the Municipality II of Rome, the Italian Association of Classical Culture and the Association of alumni and teachers of the Liceo Giulio Cesare.
The initiative was carried out in collaboration with the Sapienza and Tor Vergata universities and enjoys the patronage of the Italian Institute of Ancient History.
The Banca di Credito Cooperativo and the Lions Club Roma Amicitia guarantee their support in solidarity.

Competitors will be offered a text of Latin literature, which they must, answering questions of understanding, demonstrate that they understand without having resorted to the translation into Italian.

The IISC will guarantee the winners of the total prizes for a total value of € 5300, to be understood as divided into cash prizes and the provision of scholarships at the IISC.

In detail, the prizes will be:

  • for the 1st classified, € 1000;
  • for the II classified, € 500;
  • for the III classified, € 300;

in addition, for each of the first five classified, the IISC will make available a scholarship worth € 700.

For any information, you can contact Prof. Agus at info@iisc-edu.com

For registration procedures, it is necessary to consult the Certamen Call.