The IICS is an educational institution that aims to promote the intellectual and moral development of the person through higher education in the field of humanistic studies.

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Our Method is Inductive and Contextual

Our courses are conducted directly in Latin or Ancient Greek, in order to allow students to read and understand steadily and quickly a literary text in the original language.

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History and Tradition

Our methods make use of the more recent discoveries in the modern field of language-teaching, while nonetheless being founded on an attentive study of the methods of the ancient humanistic schools.

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General informations

Perfect for: classical languages instructors, University and High school students, Latin and Ancient Greek language and literature enthusiasts.

Educational objectives: Learn how to comprehend a Latin or Greek text simply by reading it, without needing to consult a dictionary.

Certifications: our courses provide credits for university students (CFUs/ ECTS), for high school students, and are also valid as professional development for lecturers.


– Lessons are held directly in Latin or Ancient Greek
– Innovation and humanistic tradition
– Inductive-contextual method: learn the natural way


IISC provides Advanced Learning Courses and extracurricular courses. The study covers the rudiments of the language up to straightforward comprehension of the classics through reading of original texts. The courses are taught exclusively in Latin.

The course is articulated according to different levels: studies begin from the first elements of the grammar to lead the student to the direct understanding of the classics by reading only the original text. The course is given entirely in ancient Greek.

An intensive Latin Course of 4 weeks, structured in 2 modules, for a full immersion in the Latin language.

An intensive Greek Course of 4 weeks, structured in 2 modules, for a full immersion in the Greek language.

From June, 13 to June, 24 2022, the IISC, with the Patronage of the Municipality of Rome, offers the first summer course of living Latin dedicated specifically to the needings of High School students.

From 13 to 24 June 2022, the IICS provides the first “living” Classic Greek summer course designed specifically to meet the needs of a high school student.

The IISC organizes the conference “Ratio docendi: Latin, Greek and the language acquisition tenets” with the contribution of the Ministry of Culture.


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Chiudi Popup

Fri 02-10-2020

Now in bookshops professor Pirrone̵...

A few weeks ago Prof. Pirrone, President of the IISC, ha published the first Italian translation of the Latin text of the Historia Brittonum for Carocci…

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Wed 23-09-2020

Let’s start again!

The Italian Institute of Classical Studies welcomes the new academic year! Classes will resume in presence and, from October, students might attend classes also in…

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Thu 05-03-2020

Article on the Vivarium Novum published...

About a month ago, the Italian newspaper Espresso has published an article on the history and the activities of the Vivarium Novum, where Giorgio Punzo is mentioned…

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Mon 17-02-2020

Summer courses in Rome

An extraordinary and international event: in the heart of Rome, a summer of total immersion in classical languages! From the 22nd of june, in collaboration…

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