Grammatica Latina – Guida allo studio di Familia Rōmāna

€ 19
First edition: march 2022
Reprinted in: july 2022
Pages: 396
Language: Italian
ISBN: 978-88-846837-0-7


This book has been thought as an handbook both for students and professor of Latin who learn and teach Latin through Familia Rōmāna by H. H. Ørberg. It is the first Italian textbook for studying Latin grammar through the inductive-contextual methodology.
Following Familia Rōmāna articulation into chapters and lectiones, the author explains all the grammatical rules that are exemplified in Ørberg’s texts through a clear and detailed analysis, ensuring a sound learning of Latin language.


Federico Pirrone is Professor of Latin Language and Literature and Teaching of Latin at the Pontificial Salesian University and at the Italian Institute of Classical Studies. He mainly deals with history and teaching of Latin through the direct methods.