The IICS is an educational institution that aims to promote the intellectual and moral development of the person through higher education in the field of humanistic studies.

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Our Method is Inductive and Contextual

Our courses are conducted directly in Latin or Ancient Greek, such that students learn vocabulary and grammar by means of active usage – the same method with which we naturally learn a language.

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History and Tradition

Our methods make use of the more recent discoveries in the modern field of language-teaching, while nonetheless being founded on an attentive study of the methods of the ancient humanistic schools.

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General informations

Perfect for: University and High school students, classical languages instructors, Latin and Ancient Greek language and literature enthusiasts.

Educational objectives: Learn how to comprehend a Latin or Greek text simply by reading it, without needing to consult a dictionary.

Certifications: our courses provide University Credits (CFU / ECTS) and High School Credits.


– Lessons are held directly in Latin or Ancient Greek
– Innovation and humanistic tradition
– Inductive-contextual method: learn the natural way


The course is organized according to different levels: studies begin from the first rudiments of the language to lead the student, already in the first academic year, to the direct understanding of the classics by reading only the original text. The course is given entirely in Latin.

The course is articulated according to different levels: studies begin from the first elements of the grammar to lead the student to the direct understanding of the classics by reading only the original text. The course is given entirely in ancient Greek.

Corsi intensivi di cinque settimane, strutturati su tre livelli, per una immersione totale nelle lingue classiche.

Lingua Ecclesiae is the first intensive summer Latin course specifically designed for ecclesiastics.

Refresher Courses for Teachers MIUR Carta del docente

The IICS organizes refresher courses for high-school Latin teachers recognized by the MIUR – Ufficio Scolastico Regionale per il Lazio. Teachers may participate in our language courses at the IICS headquarters, or in the on-site methodology courses that we are able to organize at their own school.

The IICS provides support to Latin and/or Greek classroom teachers: our own educators collaborate with the classroom teacher in planning lessons, and accompany him/her for a few classroom hours, providing support and guidance in the implementation of the method and the active use of the language.


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Chiudi Popup

Fri 26-04-2019

Worldwide success for “Lingua Ecc...

We are happy to announce that the Italian Institute for Classical Studies, in collaboration with the prestigious Pontificium Institutum Altioris Latinitatis, has confirmed Lingua Ecclesiae:…

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Tue 09-04-2019

Summer course for High School students

The IICS, with the Patronage of the Municipality of Rome, organizes for the period 10-21 June 2019 (two weeks) the first summer course in “living”…

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Wed 03-04-2019

Conference May, 11 2019

On the morning of Saturday 11 May 2019 the convention “Luce nuova sole nuovo. Continuità e fratture tra il latino e l’italiano: la nostra lingua…

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Mon 07-01-2019

Notice of competition with prizes Secon...

Given to the success of the Christmas edition of the Certamen de Commentariis, we decided to hold a Second Competition! On this occasion the participants…

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