About us

Faciamus ampliora quae accepimus: maior ista hereditas a me ad posteros transeat.
Seneca, Epistulae ad Lucilium, 64, 7

The IISCIstituto Italiano di Studi Classici (Italian Institute of Classical Studies) is like a home, where benevolence, friendship, and foresight dwell. It is a place for the soul, where you experience and contemplate yourself, in order to become familiar with the world that surrounds you and give meaning to your actions. IISC is also the Scuola di Alta Formazione in Lingue Classiche (Higher Education School of Classical Languages), addressed to all, intended for all, through a serious commitment. It is a school for those who want to renew, expand, and improve the studies they dedicated themselves to, whether it be for their profession or purely for passion. A school for those who want to reflect on teaching and learning and on the role of classical studies, but it is also for those who want to pick up their studies where they left off, but with a renewed spirit.

In the summer of 2010, two young gentlemen, Federico Pirrone and Antonio Giulianelli – now respectively Professor and Attorney-at-Law – animated by a burning passion for learning and culture, had a creative intuition. The original focus of the  Istituto Italiano di Studi Classici consisted precisely in creating cultural courses that led to educating and teaching young individuals. And so it has remained. Where, in classical cultures – Latin and Greek – the fundamental cradle and natural reference required to form an individual is identified.


IISC’s intent and essence are twofold, both cultural and human in nature, because cultural education is the foundation of the creation of a person. Classical culture should be seen as both an essential and all-encompassing element of the historical identity of Italy and Europe and as a fundamental moment in educating individuals and citizens towards a critical sense of thinking, towards an appreciation for beauty, and towards seeking truth and justice. Therefore, the purpose of the IISC is to defend and promote classical studies for new generations, to safeguard culture, and to shape free and aware individuals through an education based on the classics.
Today, the IISC distinguishes itself through and is known and appreciated by a vast audience of experts and scholars in Italy and abroad for its commitment to a renewed method for studying classical languages, a method that is both ancient and new at the same time. All activities in our Institute take place in Latin or ancient Greek, therefore, language and literature lessons are held in their original language. Through the theorization of the so-called “IISC method”, and the original application of humanistic techniques, we teach classical languages through the active use, both written and oral, of the subjects being studied. The courses we offer are many and diversified and can be taken both during the year and during the summer. They are addressed to an audience of specialists, but also to learning enthusiasts and young students. Our lessons are attended by students from about fifty different nations. At the IISC, not only are learning activities carried out, but cultural field trips are organized to some of the most suggestive and significant archeological sites in Italy, from Rome to Pompeii, visiting ancient ruins while speaking and reading in Latin or ancient Greek.

We renew our commitment and efforts every day, so that, even a hundred years from now, the young individuals who leave our institute will find a garden to tend to and grow.