Individual lessons

Online courses given via Skype

For those who do not have the opportunity attend one of our courses, the Italian Institute for Classical Studies organizes individual lessons of Latin and Greek via Skype.

The level of each student can be established, with the help of one of our professors, during an initial free virtual meeting.
For the less experienced, it is possible to start from the basics of the language; lessons for students who already have some knowledge, or even strong Latin or Greek skills, are tailored to individual student needs.

The times of the lessons are agreed upon directly by the teacher and the student, in order to respect the needs of the student as much as possible.

Lessons are always conducted using the inductive-contextual method. The student is continuously involved in the lesson in dialogue with the professor (always in Latin or Greek), does exercises under the guidance of the teacher, and is continuously stimulated to partecipate actively.


Registration and Costs

The initial interview with the teacher is of a cognitive nature, and is completely free.

For lessons cost (per hour) please consult the table on the right.

Payment may be made by cash, check or wire transfer (Account holder: IISC Servizi S.r.l.; IBAN: IT 18 Y 02008 05013 000106873651; BIC/SWIFT: UNCRITM1006; Description: purchase of *n°* hours of online lessons).

For more information, or to book lessons, please contact the IICS secretary by phone or e-mail.

Agus Latin € 85

5 hours € 350

10 hours € 600


Chiocchetti Latin € 29
Farina Greek € 85
Grieco Latin € 29
Pirrone Latin € 95

10 hours € 750 (€75/h)

15 hours € 890 (€59/h)