Walks through the centuries

Guided visits in Rome through the history of the Eternal City.

From September to July, once a month on Saturday, the IISC organizes tours with a licensed guide to discover the history of Rome, starting from the most famous places and events up to even the least known.

Guided tours / Organization / Purchase option / Registration

Guided Tours

The guided tours of “Walks through the centuries” are conducted by a licensed guide archaeologist.
The visits take place on Saturdays (except the September visit, which is held on Sunday) and have a maximum duration of 2 and a half hours. They are designed to be accessible to all.
To download the tour program, click here.


The meeting place of the participants, which is always located near the starting point of the walk, is communicated in advance to the subscribers by email.
The visit is carried out in Italian but, if there are participants of other nationalities, it can also be made available in English.
In case of adverse weather conditions, which make it impossible to carry out the guided tour, it will be postponed to the following Saturday.

Purchase options

Visits can be purchased individually or by subscription.
Each visit costs € 18.

Participants may choose among four different types of subscription:
1. Autumn/Winter Subscription: 3 visits; € 45 (instead of  € 54)
it includes visits in October, November and February;
2. Spring/Summer Subscription: 3 visits; € 45 (instead of  € 54)
it includes visits in March, April and June;
3. Four Seasons Subscription: 6 visits;  € 84 instead of € 108)
it includes visits in October, November, February, March, April, June;
4. Annual Subscription: 11 visits; € 132 (instead of € 198):
it includes all the visits from September to July.

Where applicable, the cost of a ticket (entrance to museums, monuments, etc…) is added to the cost of the visit.


To register, simply send an email to eventi@iisc-edu.com, specifying the visit or subscription you want to book.
Payment must be received within 7 days before the date of the visit and can be made in the following ways:

  1. In cash, at the administrative office (by appointment)
  2. By Cheque, at the administrative office (by appointment)
  3. By Teacher’s Card (selecting the option “events” when generating the bonus)
  4. By bank transfer, with the following details:
    • Name of the account holder: Associazione culturale Istituto Italiano di Studi Classici
    • IBAN: IT 80 W 02008 05013 000103893909
    • Reason for Transfer: Visit *month*/*subscription name* + Name and Surname of the participant
    • Bank: Unicredit, Agenzia 6, Via Ugo Ojetti 149 Roma
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