Field Trips to Rome

Cultural itineraries and learning activities for high schools

The IISC hosts schools from Italy and abroad, guiding young individuals towards the existent, intellectual, and emotional discovery of the subjects they are studying. Students will visit some of the most suggestive ancient Roman sites and relive the atmosphere and surroundings of Classicism directly in its cradle. Guided by our professors, they will read the original passages of literature which narrate the famous historical events that took place in those same places through which they will walk. In addition, guests attend classroom lessons completely dedicated to the students in our institute.

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The field trip

Schools can choose field  trip alternatives among the various possible solutions offered that suit their specific needs. The days spent in Rome include classroom lessons which propose topics that are specifically selected to involve high school students, alternating frontal lectures with on-hands activities. Students are taken on trips, held entirely in an ancient language, to some of the most fascinating archeological sites in Rome, where they will then read passages in Latin or Greek from the classical literature regarding the sites visited, further developing the notions they learned in the classroom.

Cultural field trips

Visiting archeological sites is an exciting moment where students can come into contact with the memory of the Romans and the Roman age. Our cultural field trips, or more precisely, cultural walks, offer the unique and suggestive possibility of reading literature in its original language, enthusiastically identifying the literary setting and the physical location as they go along, perhaps even imagining Brutus stabbing Caesar in the Curia or meeting Horace along the Via Sacra!

Classroom Lessons

Lessons are prepared specifically for high schools, as interactive lessons, almost always making use of new technological tools, such as the projection of images and texts, in order to involve students in a global learning experience, which stimulates intellect, sight, and hearing. The intensity of the lessons tackle and transmit the essential notions of the most complex topics addressed at school, with particular attention to learning the lexicon. Therefore, through this specific method of preparation, students are led towards reading literary works.


Field Trip Proposals
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Field Trip Options:

AEREA PROGRAM: 3 hours of lessons + 2 cultural field trip

ARGENTEA PROGRAM: 4 hours of lessons + 4 cultural field trips

AUREA PROGRAM: 5 hours of lessons + 6 cultural field trips

Utriusque linguae PROGRAM: 6 hours of lessons + 6 cultural field trips