Orationes discipulorum Latinae

On the occasion of the closing of the academic year, we want to greet all our friends, students and benefactors of the IISC, presenting the fruits of the seeds we sowed during the year.

Three young talents have just finished their Latin language curriculum at our Institute (pictured here, from the left): Giulia Centra, 18 years old, classmate at the Fourth year of Aristophanes High School of Emanuele Cresca, and Alessia Rosati, who graduated from Scientific Maturity last year.

These boys, during the year, red the pages of T. Livio about the famous battle between Orazi and the Curiazi is. After the victory, the survivor Horace, returning to Rome, kills his sister, guilty, in the general triumph, to cry the promised spouse, one of the Curiazi. Should the murderer brother be condemned, or should he be absolved for the sake of his country?

On this legal, political, moral and philosophical dilemma, Giulia, Emanuele and Alessia wrote three beautiful Latin orations.

At IISC we work for a School of Higher Education in Classical Languages, which wants to achieve excellent results, which are not achieved at school or university: this year, with the commitment of Giulia, Emanuele and Alessia, and thanks to the dedication of their teachers, Federico Pirrone and Alessandro Agus, we have achieved our goal! We wish these guys, to whom we are very fond of, every good for their future!

Oratio Alexiae

Oratio Emmanuel

Oratio Iuliae