The IISC publishing house!

We are happy to announce to everyone that the IISC has inaugurated its publishing house: Edizioni Istituto Italiano di Studi Classici!

The Edizioni aims to spread texts and tools for studying and teaching Classical languages, offering works which provide not only language learning but also literary reflection.

We are starting our work publishing an extraordinary work for the teaching of Classic languages, which chan be useful both for students and professors of Classics: ‘Grammatica latina – Guida allo studio di Familia Romana’ written by Prof. Federico Pirrone, President of the Italian Institute of Classical Studies. Discover here the details and read the book preview!

The book follows step by step the Orbergian course, analyzing each chapter, following the categorization in lectiones. The book is also supplied with morphological tables and both syntactic and stylistic indexes.

The ‘Grammatica Latina’ manages to reconstruct wisely the development of the natural learning and of the direct methods and it is an essential tool for the students and a useful instrument for the teachers who wish to deepen and strengthen their abilities in teaching through the direct methods and the inductive-contextual methodology, from which stems the IISC method and the “Grammatica”. The cover price is of  € 18.

Ask now for your copy!