I nuovi corsi di gennaio: Didattica e molto altro

The IISC expands its educational offer by activating new teachings: a unique and unmissable opportunity that only Our Institute offers to scholars, teachers, and lovers of classical languages and culture.

For the first time, the course of History and Theory of teaching of classical languages, which is recognized by MIUR – Regional School Office for the region Lazio for the purposes of professional development.

A series of lectures on the history of thought and didactic practice; a selection of examples of typical lessons; a demonstration of learning exercises and testing: insights and valuable material for teachers who are attentive to the needs of students and who want to renew and broaden the horizons of teaching.

Moreover, unique event in the panorama of the didactic offer in Italy and abroad, start the courses of Conversation and Composition Latin and Greek, intended for our academic students. The lessons, originally renewing the didactic contribution of the humanists, the Perse School and the Italian studies of the first half of the 20th century, involve the learner in the active learning of the written and oral use of classical languages.