Latin – Telematic

Course Code: LAT-TEL

Teaching method: recorded video-lessons
Titles released:  completion certificate
Hours: available in any moment on demand
Structure:  100 video-lessons

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No pre-requisite is needed.

– Understanding of a Latin text (even of high difficulty), without using the dictionary
– In-depth knowledge of all the structures of Latin grammar
– Knowledge of the 2000 most frequent words in Latin classical literature

Through the reading of texts in Latin, which are designed to encourage language learning, students deal with literary classical Latin morphology, syntax and phraseology.
Lessons will be held completely in Latin: following the fundamentals of the inductive-contextual methodology, the active use of Latin language both by the students and the teacher turns passive learning into an active competence, thus ensuring a sound knowledge of the language. Readings of some original Latin texts complete the course program. See the program in details
The course consists in 100 video-lessons, which are available on demand according to the student’s needs: at the time of purchase, the student will receive a link through which she or he will be able to view the video-lessons until the expiration of the link itself.

1. H. H. Ørberg, Lingua Latina per se illustrata – Pars I: Familia Romana (any edition) Included in the course fee
2. F. Pirrone, Grammatica latina: guida allo studio di Familia Romana, Edizioni Istituto Italiano di Studi Classici (for students who cannot read Italian: M. Neumann, A companion to Familia Romana, Focus)
3. H. H. Ørberg, Exercitia Latina (Cap I-XXXV) (any edition)

Recommended readings (the following texts are not required for the course, but are recommended for those who wish to strengthen their knowledge):
1. A. Traina – G. Bernardi Perini, Propedeutica al latino universitario, Patron
2. G. B. Conte – E. Berti – M. Mariotti, La sintassi del latino, Mondadori Education
3. C. Pavanetto, Elementa linguae et grammaticae Latinae, LAS
4. W. H. S. Jones, Intermediate oral Latin reader, based on Cicero’s De senectute, with extracts from Martial and Horace, Blackie and Son (Download the pdf)
5. G. Cauquil – J. Y. Guillaumin, Lessico essenziale di latino (ed. by F. Piazzi), Cappelli



– Students who have completed the course may obtain a course completion certificate.



Upon the completion of the course, students may access the course Latin 2.



In order to purchuse your videolessons, you need to:

  1. Pre-register here
  2. Make the payment: view the table
  3. Send to this document filled and signed.



Amount Standard availability of the videos Renewal fees
Complete course (100 video-lessons) + Famila Romana € 550 10 months € 299
Lessons 1-50 (50 video-lessons) + Famila Romana € 329 10 months € 199
Lessons 51-100 (50 video-lessons) + Famila Romana € 329 10 months € 199
One chapter € 25 1 month € 15

Payment can be made:

  1. In cash, at the administrative office (by appointment)
  2. By Cheque, at the administrative office (by appointment)
  3. By Teacher’s Card (selecting the option “recognized courses” when generating the bonus)
  4. By bank transfer,with the following details:
    • Name of the account holder: Associazione culturale Istituto Italiano di Studi Classici
    • IBAN: IT 80 W 02008 05013 000103893909
    • Reason for Transfer: Course code + Name and Surname of the student
    • Bank: Unicredit, Agenzia 6, Via Ugo Ojetti 149 Roma

The course fees are not refundable.