Arabic 1

Course code: ARB-01

Recommended for: professors, students, professionals, enthusiasts
Titles released: completion certificate
Hours: Wednesdays 6:00 – 7:30 pm
Duration: 2021 October, 21  – 2022 May, 25  (28 lessons – 42 hours)
Teaching method: in presence (available also in live streaming, on request)
Limited enrollment: up to 20 participants
Academic fees: starting from  € 249 per semester

Presentation of the course / Calendar / Certifications / To continue the studies / Academic fees

In accordance with the current regulations, in order to attend classes students shall exhibit their Green-Pass. 


Access to the first year is free. No pre-requisite is needed. Students will learn the Arabic alphabet during the first lessons.

– Understanding of an Standard Arabic text in original language.
– In-depth knowledge of the most important structures of Arabic syntax and grammar
– Knowledge of the most frequent words of Arabic Literature.
– Ability to write and speak in Arabic

Through the reading of texts in Arabic, which are designed to encourage language learning, students will learn the morphology, syntax and phraseology of Arabic language.
Lessons will be completely held in Arabic. Readings of some original Arabic texts complete the course program.
The course will be held in classroom. However, participants who had requested it in the online subscription to the course, may join a virtual classroom and follow the lessons remotely, through a link given by the IISC. Lessons via streaming will be recorded and they will be available fo the students to see for one week.

Books will be given by the teacher and students might purchase them the first day of classes.

1. Al riša al zahabia, Daftar ẖat ʿarabi mubassat, Dar Ḥatem lil našer.
2. Excerpts (given by the instructor) of Arabic grammar.
3. Excerpts (given by the instructor) of Arabic original texts.


– Students who have attended at least 75% of class hours may obtain a course completion certificate.




First lesson 2021 October, 19
Last lesson 2022 May, 24
No class days 2021 December, 21
2021 December, 28
2022 January, 4
2022 April, 12
2022 April, 19
Exam Sessions 2022 June, 14
2022 June, 21
2022 September, 27


Standard fees of the course amount to € 498.


There are two methods of payment:

1) Preferred method

Amount Deadline
Registration Fee € 200 Upon the registration
Full year tuition fee € 298 By October 31

2) Payment by installment

Amount Deadline
Registration Fee € 200 Upon the registration
First semester tuition fee € 199 By October 31
Second semester tuition fee € 199 By January 31

Payment can be made:

  1. In cash, at the administrative office of the Italian Institute of Classical Studies (by appointment)
  2. By cheque, at the administrative office of the Italian Institute of Classical Studies (by appointment)
  3. By bank transfer, with the following details:
    • Name of the Account Holder: Associazione culturale Istituto Italiano di Studi Classici
    • IBAN: IT 80 W 02008 05013 000103893909
    • Reason for transfer: Course code + Name and Surname of the Student
    • Bank: Unicredit, Agenzia 6, Via Ugo Ojetti 149 Roma

The fee includes all the classroom activities (lessons and intensive lessons), administration fees and the use of the facilities available in the learning centre. There are no exam fees.

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