Summer courses of Latin and Greek: residential – Rome 2023

Live a unique experience in the heart of Rome! In a university campus, together with students coming from all over the world, study Classical languages and literatures, by immersing tousled in ancient languages: all the activities, from the lessons to the meals, are completely held in Latin and Ancient Greek!
The IISC methodology, more and more appreciated and known all over the world, guarantees a fast and sound learning: students will deal both with the grammar and the vocabulary, learning thousands of words, in order to be able to read fluently literary texts.

Latin course code: LVDVS
Ancient Greek course code: PAIGNIA

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The residential Summer courses allow students to completely immerse themselves in Classical languages, guaranteeing a fast and sound learning of Latin and Ancient Greek. Students live for four weeks in the Rome University Campus in Piazza dell’Ateneo Salesiano, sharing every moment of their daily life using actively Latin and Ancient Greek. Not only lessons but also meals, recreational moments, visits to the archeological sites of Ancient Rome are completely held in Latin and Ancient Greek.

Through the reading of texts specifically designed to foster language acquisition, students learn morphology, syntax and phraseology of Latin or Ancient Greek. The IISC methodology combines the scientificity of Higher Education, based on Humanistic school tradition, with the most recent acquisition of contemporary glottodidactics. The active use of the language transform the learning from passive listening into active skills, guaranteeing a sound and in-depth knowledge of the language.

Lessons are completely held in Latin or Ancient Greek and they do not require any pre-requisite: students are guided into the learning of the language starting from the very first notions of the language up to the direct access to the original texts of Classical literature.

If you want to discover more about our methodology, take a look to two video-lessons of our telematic courses.

Lessons are held from Monday to Friday. Didactic field trips to the archeological sites of Ancient Rome are held on Saturday: through the reading of Latin and Ancient Greek literary texts, students will listen the Ancient writers’ voices where they first echoed. Sunday is free; students who make an official request at the moment of subscription might reserve guided tours (in English) to the Roman monuments with a licensed guide.


Upon registration, students choose to register to the Latin course (L.V.D.V.S. – Loqui Vere Discere Verum Sapientis) or the Ancient Greek course (Π.ΑΙ.ΓΝ.ΙΑ. – Πεπαιδευμένοι ἈΙτία ΓΝωσόμεθα ἸΑτρεῖα). Language lessons are held in the morning, from 9 am to 1.30 pm.
Lessons will cover the entire grammar and they guarantee learning of the 2000 most frequent word of Latin/Greek literature.
At the end of the course, students will be able to read fluently Classical literary texts in the original language.

In the afternoon, supplementary lessons of language in-depth study, in Latin or Ancient Greek, according to the student’s curriculum, will be held. These lessons are optional and they provide a recap and a strengthening of the topics covered in the morning lessons.

Afterwards, students might attend short courses of literature, philosophy, composition and didactic methodology. Students are free to attend the course they prefer, according to their interest. Each course lasts two weeks:

from June, 26 to July, 7:
Palaestra artis Latine scribendi (held in Latin)
Seneca, Stoics and emotions (held in English)
L’amicizia nella letteratura classica (held in Italian)

from July, 10 to July, 21:
Ars docendi (held in Latin/Greek)
Plato on love and beauty (held in English)
La letteratura cristiana latina e greca (held in Italian)

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from 2023 June, 25 to July, 22
Titles released:
12 CFU / ECTS (info)
Course structure:
Latin language / Ancient Greek language: 90 hours
Language in-depth course (optional): 20 hours
Literature, philosophy, methodology: 20 hours
University Campus in Piazza dell’Ateneo Salesiano, 1
Limited enrollment
up to 25 students
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From Monday to Friday:
9:00 am-1:30 pm Latin / Greek (according to the chosen curriculum)
1:30-2:30 pm Lunch
2:30-3:30 pm Greek in-depth language course (optional)
3:30-5:30 pm Personal study
5:30-6:30 pm Latin in-depth language course (optional)
7:00-8:00 pm Literature, philosophy, methodology courses (chosen by the student)
8:00 pm Dinner
Didactic Field-trips:
1) Saturday July, 1: Roman Forum and Palatin Hill
2) Saturday July, 8: Baths of Caracalla
3) Saturday July, 15: Ancient Ostia
Guided tours (optional):
1) Sunday July, 2: city center (Piazza Venezia, Fontana di Trevi, Piazza di Spagna, Pincio)2) Sunday July, 9: the other side of the river (Ponte degli Angeli, Castel S. Angelo, Piazza S. Pietro)3) Sunday July, 16: on the tracks of Caravaggio (from S. Maria del Popolo to S. Agostino)


Students attend lessons, live and have meals at the University Campus Piazza dell’Ateneo Salesiano, 1, Rome.

Students are given:

  1. Single bedroom with private bathroom, air conditioning and wi-fi connection;
  2. weekly cleaning of the room and linen change;
  3. study room;
  4. access to the University library and to the books;
  5. complete pension at the University canteen, which includes breakfast, lunch and dinners (first dish, second dish, side dish, fruit, bread, water).
  6. laundry service within the campus (not included in the fees).

The University Campus has also an outside garden and is well-served by public transport. In the area, there are also many bars, restaurants and other services.

Bedrooms will be available from Sunday June 25 11.00 am. On Sunday June 25 at 7.00 pm a presentation of the course will take place. Lessons will start on Monday June 26.

The course ends on Friday July 21 with a “goodbye” dinner! The overnight stay and the breakfast (July 21-22) are on the IISC.



Pre-registration might be subscribed on the website.
Select the code “LVDVS” if you want to attend the Latin course, “PAIGNIA” if you want to attend the Ancient Greek course.
N.B. Subscription is completed (and the place at the course reserved) only after the payment of the Subscription Fee.
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Didactic offerings

Students may choose among the following options:

  1. Basic: € 1.100 (it includes only morning lessons, h. 9 am-1:30 pm).
  2. Complete: € 1.200 (it includes: 1. Language lessons in the morning; 2. In-depth language courses in the afternoon; 3. Afternoon courses of philosophy, literature, composition and methodology; 4. Three didactic field-trips on Saturday: tickets are also included in the fees).
  3. Advanced: € 1.400 (it includes all the activities of the “complete option” and it also includes three guided tours on Saturday to Rome monuments).

Meals and accommodation

Meals and accomodation expenses are of € 45 per night (€ 1.215 for the entire course) and they include:

  1. Single bedroom with private bathroom in the University Campus;
  2. Room cleaning and linen change;
  3. Wifi connection;
  4. Full board: breakfast, lunch and dinner at the University Campus (First and second dish, side dish, bread, fruits, water);
  5. Free access to classrooms and study rooms;
  6. Access to the University Library and to the consultation of the books.
Deadlines and payment methods
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Forms of payment

Registration must be completed by June, 10.


Payment methods
The following prices include both the didactic fees and meals and accommodation fees.
Method of payment:

Amount Deadline
Registration fee – € 200 for the “basic” option
– € 300 for the “complete” option
– € 500 for the “advanced” option
Upon registration
I installment € 800 By June, 10
II installment € 800 By June, 15
III installment € 515 By June, 24

Payment can be made:

  1. In cash, at the administrative office (by appointment)
  2. By Cheque, at the administrative office (by appointment)
  3. By Teacher’s Card (selecting the option “recognized courses” when generating the bonus)
  4. By bank transfer, with the following details:
    • Name of the account holder: IISC Servizi S.r.l.
    • IBAN: IT 18 Y 02008 05013 000106873651
    • Reason for Transfer: LVDVS (for the Latin course)/ PAIGNIA (for the Greek course) + Name and Surname of the student
    • Bank: Unicredit, Agenzia 6, Via Ugo Ojetti 149 Roma

The fee includes all the classroom activities (lessons and intensive lessons), administration fees and the use of the facilities in the University Campus. There are no exam fees.

To get information about our Refund Policy, click here .

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Titles releases


At the end of the course, the Italian Institute of Classical Studies issues a certificate of participation to the course.

In order to have the certificate, students shall have attended at least 75% of class hours.


The course issues also university credits.

Because of an agreement between the two institutions, the course is considered equivalent to the ones of the Università Pontificia Salesiana. Accordingly, students who successfully completed the course may have 12 CFU/ECTS validated in the University. Because the ECTS issued by the UPS are also acknowledged by the Italian Government, the ECTS may be validated in Italian University (without prejudice to the discretion granted to the universities by the Italian law).

The exam is passed with an evaluation of at least 18/30. The final mark takes into account the final exam, the intermediate exams, the overall attitude of the student in the course.

In order to obtain the certificate, students need to:

  • attend at least 75% of lesson hours;
  • have a final mark of at least 18/30.