Summer courses for High School students!

From next June, we share a great time with High School students from all over Italy: we are introducing you to the 2022 edition of PVER & PAIS! We have renewed and widened the course, in order to make it richer, funnier and more useful!

Just after the end of the school, we are giving courses for High School students who want to deepen and strengthen their knowledges, thanks to a completely new and engaging experience! From June 13 until June 24, our professors will be passionately engaged with the students, in order to offer a unique opportunity of human and cultural flourishing.

The summer courses of Latin and Ancient Greek for High School students are a great and long-standing tradition at the IISC! In these years, many students have come to Rome, from all over Italy and they have spent with us hours in studying and making friends with their classmates. We know from experience that PVER and PAIS helps with the school achievement: lessons are attended both by students who are experiencing difficulties and that become able to overcome their obstacles and by the most brilliant students, who have the chance to deepen their knowledge, reaching an extraordinary linguistic skill, being able to both speak and write in Latin and Ancient Greek! Our courses are not just private lessons but so much more!

The courses last two weeks, for a total of 40 hours of Latin and Ancient Greek; it is also possible to attend both language courses. The courses aim to provide an extensive studying of grammar, up to translating exercises to be performed in maximum 30 minutes. Lessons take place from Monday to Friday; Latin lessons take place in the morning, Ancient Greek lessons in the afternoon. The IISC will release to the participants a completion certificate which is also valid for school credits. Lessons will be held only in presence!

Here you might find all the information about the latin and the Ancient Greek!

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