Happy new year!

Dear students, professors and friends all of the IISC,

The beginning of the new year is always the time of a double-faced look: Looking at what has been, tracing a budget, and addressing what will be, formulating prospects and cultivating expectations.
Especially for this, it is the time of the greetings, that we do to you and to our institute, wishing that it can renew and enlarge the past successes.
The year 2018 was a very important time in the life of the IISC, a year that we consider as a new starting point, not as a point of arrival.

Just to trace a quick balance of our activities, first of all, we remember the summer courses made in Amman, at the University of Jordan, and Lingua Ecclesiae, the course in Rome in collaboration with the Pontificium Institutum Altioris Latinitatis, counting altogether 84 students.
In addition, during the academic year, we had 121 students; in addition to the 28 students of the extra-curricular courses and the 75 students who participaded to courses held in collaboration with some other universities.
Than, we have obtained the recognition of the MIUR for our courses, valid as a professional update for the teachers of the high school.
Finally, we have associated with the teaching and management of the IISC, a young and brilliant ex-student, Alessia Rosati.

With a heart full of joy for these results, we start the new year with renewed energies!
Ad maiora!