A.Y. 2018/19 and refresher courses teachers recognized by the MIUR

IICS academic courses began last week: the students enrolled this year in the Latin and Greek curricular courses are about 70, in addition to that of the courses organized outside in collaboration with other institutions.

For more information visit the link: https://www.iisc-edu.com/en/corsi-accademici/


We are also pleased to announce that the courses of the IICS are now recognized by the MIUR – Regional School Office for Lazio as valid for the updating of teachers.Interested professors will be able to attend the Latin curricular courses at our headquarters or request the provision of a course about theory and practice of the inductive-contextual method at their home school.All courses are payable with the Teacher’s Card and offer special discounts reserved for professors.

For more information visit the link: https://www.iisc-edu.com/en/corsi-per-le-scuole/