Titles released


Upon conclusion of the academic courses or summer courses, the Italian Institute for Classical Studies will grant a certificate attesting to the successful completion of the course.

The final grade indicated on the certificate is calculated out of 30, and will be calculated on the basis of the final exam grade and other possible evaluations by the instructors made throughout the course.

In order to obtain the certificate, it is necessary:

  • Have attended at least 75% of the course hours;
  • To have attained a final grade of at least 18/30.

University Credits (CFU / ECTS)

Courses at the Italian Institute for Classical Studies can provide university credit.

On the basis of an agreement between the two institutions, courses at the IICS are considered equivalent to those of the Pontifical Salesian University of Rome. Thanks to this convention, university students who have obtained the certificate of completion of an academic course at the IICS will receive 6 CFU / ECTS valid at that Athenaeum.
Since the certifications of the Pontifical Salesian University are recognized by the Italian State, credits obtained at the IICS are then able to be convalidated by state universities (without prejudice to the discretion that Italian law attributes to each individual institution).

For the CFU / ECTS issued by the IICS to those who pass one of the summer courses, please refer to what is indicated on the page specific to each course.

High School Credits

In accordance with D.P.R. 122 del 22/06/2009, the Italian Institute for Classical Studies may grant the documents needed for the attribution of educational credits at the final grading meeting of the student’s school year.

In order to obtain this documentation, the student must:

  • Be enrolled in one of the final three years of secondary school;
  • Have successfully attended at least 75% of the course hours.

The request for such documentation must be presented by the second week of May.