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Why should I financially support the Italian Institute for Classical Studies?

The IICS attracts young scholars who are motivated by the desire to provide their own contribution to the study of literature and the cultural growth of society. Through self-financing, the IICS is currently only able to offer to these young people the possibility to attend courses in the Latin and Greek languages. However, our desire is to offer students the possibility to take full advantage of their competences through the development of initiatives that go beyond just learning the language itself.

Which initiatives of the IICS are in need of support?
The Italian Institute for Classical Studies nourishes the ambition to be able to offer deserving young students the possibility of developing valid research projects. The costs associated with teaching posts and research expenses are unfortunately not, at the present moment, sustainable for us, and therefore we are not yet able to foster the development and growth of young students to the extent that we desire. With your contribution, the IICS will be able to cover some of the expenses necessary to support a young instructor or researcher.
The overarching goal of the Italian Institute for Classical Studies is that of not having to limit its own activity to teaching the classical languages, but to be able to establish a true course of studies, of one or two years in duration, in which students, once they have acquired excellent linguistic foundations, might be able to proceed to the study of literature (poetry and prose), history, and ancient philosophy, by means of the direct approach to classical texts in their original language.

How can I help the Italian Institute for Classical Studies?
It is possible to support the IICS through both periodic and one-time donations. Periodic donors may choose both the amount and frequency of their donation.
You can offer your contribution to the IICS through wire transfer to the following account:

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