Latinitas Viva

The course is organised with the cooperation of the Pontificia Università della Santa Croce and it is recommended for ecclesiastics. Its aim is the direct comprehension of Latin texts, without the need of translations or the use of a dictionary. All the lessons are entirely in Latin and the students learn all the grammar as well as the most common Latin words.

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  1. The IISC guarantees that students will have their own desks in the classroom and they will be distanced from other students; classrooms and educational supplies will be sanitized, according to all the health measures on Covid-19;
  2. If the government and the public health authorities were to decide for a new stop of the teaching activities, the IISC will hold its classes online.


Combining the teaching methods of the tradition of the Church with the most modern transmission techniques of modern languages, the courses of the School stimulate the development of the skills of the student following the natural progression of language learning. From the very first session, the lessons are conducted in Latin and the students are encouraged to express themselves in the target language when talking both to the teacher and to each other. Vocabulary and grammatical structures follow those of Classical Latin.

The lessons, while not giving up the exposition of grammar and syntax, which always represent the structure of a language, aim to give participants the opportunity to learn Latin in the same way as any other language, through active and direct use, making it the only medium of communication between the teacher and the students for the whole duration of the lessons, providing students the opportunity to more deeply and more naturally understand a text (both oral and written) in Latin.



The complete course consists of two academic years (each academic year is from October to May). It is also possible to attend only one year.
This course deals with the study of all Latin grammar and it enables students to learn roughly 2,000 words, in order to guarantee direct access to the Latinitas classica and Christiana.



To attend the First Year, enrolment is sufficient. There are no specific entrance requirements.

To attend the Second Year,  it is necessary to have completed the First Year.
Those who have already studied Latin using the inductive-contextual method and already possess a solid level of competency in active Latin may participate in the Second Year without having attended the First Year, upon the condition that they pass a placement test, prior to the beginning of classes, entirely held in Latin. Please note, however, that it is quite difficult to participate in the Second Year without having attended First Year classes, and we discourage students from choosing this option unless they have an extremely well-founded (active and passive) competency level in Latin.



There is no final exam at the end of the course. The continuous assessments carried out during the year will contribute to the final evaluation of the learners.


Pontifical University of the Holy Cross
P.zza Sant’Apollinare, 49 – Roma
Titles released (info):
Monday, 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm
19 October 2020 to 24 May 2021
Course Structure:
First Year: 50 hours annually (25 classes)
Second Year: 50 hours annually (25 classes)
Limited Enrollment
from € 249 per semester
discounted fees and forms of payment


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50 hours 50 hours
Pre-Requisites No background knowledge is requested. Sound knowledge of Latin grammar and the 1000 most frequent words of the language. Ability to understand a non-complex text (oral or written) in Latin (students must have attended the First Year).
Objectives The students will learn most of the Latin morphology and syntax. They will be able to understand a text of medium-high difficulty in Latin by simply reading it. The students will learn the entire morphology and most of the Latin syntax. They will acquire the ability to understand even a complex Latin text by simply reading it.


from 249 euros per semester

Discounted fees and forms of payment


It is of the utmost importance that students are in possession of the textbook from the very beginning of the course.

1. H. H. Ørberg, Lingua Latina per se illustrata – Pars I: Familia Romana, any edition
2. H. H. Ørberg – L. Miraglia – T. F. Borri, Lingua Latina per se illustrata – Latine disco, any edition



Mondays from 15:00 to 16:30.

First class october 19, 2020
Last class may 24, 2021
Holidays (No class) december 7, 2020
december 21, 2020
december 28, 2020
january 04, 2021
january 25, 2021
february 1, 2021
february 8, 2021
march 29, 2021
april 05, 2021