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Advanced Learning Course: Latin languageAdvanced Learning Course: Latin literatureAdvanced Learning Course: Latin compositionAdvanced Learning Course: Latin conversationHistory and theory of teaching of classical languagesExtracurricular Course: IunioresExtracurricular Course: ProvectioresExtracurricular Course: Latinitas vivaExtracurricular Course: Latin classics readingsSCHOLAE LATINAE SALERNITANAE

Greek languageGreek literatureGreek compositionGreek conversationHistory and theory of teaching of classical languages

L.V.D.V.S. (CANCELLED due to Covid-19)Π.Α.Ι.Γ.Ν.Ι.Α. (CANCELLED due to Covid-19)P.V.E.R.Π.Α.Ι.Σ.

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