Refresher Courses for Teachers

refresher COURSES held at SCHOOL

Upon request of the interested schools, the IISC organizes refresher courses for Latin or Greek language teachers directly held at the teacher’s school.

Brief Course Description

The courses retrace the history of the teaching theories of classical languages, with particular attention given to the theoretical  foundations of the inductive-contextual method, which is used in numerous examples of didactic practice, as well as in the relevant exams given.
The lessons offer a critical reflection on the inductive-contextual method by examining the various teaching techniques used and identifying the advantages and limits of the use of these in schools.


To elaborate and update didactic methods used in teaching classical languages, as well as analyze  the conceptual and practical differences between the analytical-translational and the inductive-contextual method.


History of the didactics of classical languages – Examples of application of the inductive-contextual method in historical teaching practice – Theory of the inductive-contextual teaching method – Principles of language learning – Examples of didactic practice and planning a typical lesson – Final exams

 Mapping Expected Skills

At the end of the course, teachers will be able to apply the principles of the inductive-contextual method to their teaching practice, using TPR techniques, storytelling, story-building, dramatization, and Latin composition. They will also acquire the skills needed to plan a typical lesson and to plan and assess a final exam.


NB: The duration, calendar, and detailed program of the courses can be established according to the needs of the teachers who are interested in the refresher course.

The course fee can be paid using the  Carta del Docente  (Teacher’s Card) and varies according to the duration of the course.


As an alternative,  teachers can individually participate in one of the courses provided by the IISC directly in the institute and have their course participation validated by the MIUR (Ministry of University Education and Research) – Lazio Regional Board of Education.      

Teachers who are interested in this course can select between “History and Theory of Teaching Classical Languages” (25 hours) and “Advanced Training Course in Latin” (33/66/100 hours). For more information, visit this  page .

The course fees can be paid using the  Carta del Docente (Teacher’s Card).     .